Wedding Film FAQs


Below are some of the most common questions asked by prospective clients, with accompanying information. Do please contact us if you require anything not covered; we are always happy to chat through the options and possibilities.

What is a cinematic wedding film rather than a wedding video?

Many wedding videos consist of a recorded sequence of events covering the wedding day. We feel something as special as a wedding is worthy of much more and we look to tell the story of your day. We therefore film and edit the event as a mini film, including music and audio, drawing upon our experience as commercial film makers. This adds another dimension to the film, conveying the emotion and fun of the day, elevating it to something entirely different for the viewer.

Why do you recommend two Videographers rather than one?

Whilst we will shoot your wedding with just 1 videographer where budgets dictate, there are so many things happening and different facets to cover on the day, that we believe to do the event justice, 2 cameramen are necessary to ensure nothing important is missed. This allows us to get multiple angles and be in the right place at the right time. This greatly enhances the resulting edited film.

Do you record audio for the ceremony & main speeches?

We record audio throughout most of the filming and specifically for the main part of the ceremony and main speeches. For the ceremony we will put a discrete pin mic on the groom (and sometimes official) to capture quality audio of the vows. This keeps the ambient sound to a subdued level. Likewise for the main speeches, in conjunction with any sound/PA system provided by the venue. In producing the films, we may use snippets of the vows or speeches, as applicable, but in the extended film, we include the vows section of the ceremony and main speeches in full.

Do you film in high definition (HD)?

Like many other industries, the film world has seen major advances in recent years both in quality and capability. These have thrown up welcome opportunities to obtain Wedding footage that would not have been possible only a few years ago without prohibitive budgets. 4k High Definition filming and aerial drone footage are just two of these advances, adding to the creative possibilities. At Memorable Day Films, we endeavour to keep abreast of these advances absorbing them into our equipment and skill set, whilst never letting the technology overrule the creativity.

How will the final film be delivered to us?

Your final film edits will be supplied by way of a secure online download facility. We simply upload your film files to our online facility and supply you with private login details to enable you to both view them online and download the films locally in high definition, which can be saved on a USB stick, held on a hard drive or written to a disc. This is preferable to writing DVDs, which can only cater for standard definition formats. The online facility can also be shared with your friends and family to allow them to view the films wherever they are located. Should you prefer the films delivered on a USB stick, we are happy to do this for a small supplement charge.

How quickly can we expect to see the final films?

We aim for a 5-8 weeks turnaround, depending upon time of year and work load. The HD films are then uploaded to a secure client area which you can access online by way of a unique password to view and download them.

Can we choose our favourite music for the films?

That familiar word ‘Copyright’ plays a large part in what music can be legally used with the films and we are always mindful of protecting yourselves and ourselves from infringement and any consequences. We choose the music from some of the best music libraries available (all our folio sample films carry such music), and license the music so you can share your films in public and on social media without concerns. Normally, we do this for clients, having discussed the flavour and mood they like. If choice is critical for a couple however, we are happy for clients to peruse the library we use and pick something of their choosing.

How far will you travel to cover a wedding or event?

We will film wherever our client requests take us, both in the UK or abroad, however, we make a charge to cover travel expenses once the venue is more than 35 miles away from our west London base. Any travel and accommodation expenses likely to be incurred will always be quoted before any firm booking is accepted and will always be charged at the same cost to the client as we incur them.

How long do you keep our film material?

We keep clients’ film footage for 3 months after delivery of the final films. It is rarely kept longer due to the large file sizes involved and resulting excessive storage demands & costs. We keep the final edited films themselves for 6 months, after which we cannot guarantee we will still have a copy. Your films are precious and will be viewed for many years to come and we highly recommend you store a copy of your film files in an archive location, both on a local computer and on a cloud facility, such as google drive or similar.

What is involved in having drone coverage?

Aerial footage captured by a drone is a great way to add an additional dimension to your cinematic film. We are a CAA authorised operator with the necessary public liability insurance required. This is a pre-requisite to legally operate a drone commercially in the UK. Typically we will film aerial footage of the reception venue and church, were the locations allow. If for any reason (rain/high winds) we are unable to fly on the day, we will offer to film on another suitable day soon after, if applicable. If we cannot fly on the day and an alternative is not desired, we will refund the drone fee. However, we do reserve the right to retain £50 for the planning, preparation and admin of the drone operation.